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Poets Square AZ Locksmith Store Tucson, AZ 520-762-4358Car keys are one of the most frequently lost items and we spend an enormous amount of time searching for missing keys. Most of you may even search for it for days before conceding defeat, owing to the exorbitant prices a car dealer charges to get duplicate keys made. But why spend so much when you can get your duplicate car keys made easily Poets Square AZ Locksmith Store at affordable prices? We are a renowned locksmith firm in the Tucson, AZ area and have looked after residential, commercial and automotive locksmith requirements of the community for over a decade.

The art of key making

As we all know key making is an art and Poets Square AZ Locksmith Store has excelled in the art through years of practice. Be it for old model cars or new ones with high-end locks, our technicians are trained to make all type of keys. We strive hard to ensure that car keys are made with utmost precision to replicate the original. We can also replace remote key fobs, encrypted transponder keys, anti-theft alarms and more to upkeep your vehicle’s security.

Professional tools for a superior outcome

When you are in an emergency lockout, you can’t wait for too long to get your spare car keys made. If the locksmith you hire is not good at his job, they may make low-quality keys that either does not fit or is very fragile and can break easily. Hence, Poets Square AZ Locksmith Store deploys state-of-art tools and equipment to get high-quality keys made, that are cut to utmost perfection. We never take too long to get car keys made as our professional locksmiths are well trained to get things done on time.

The keys we work with

With technology growing day by day, lock and keys systems are also witnessing tremendous advancements. To prevent car thefts, cars come with transponder keys that have an embedded microchip to transmit a signal. Only when the car recognizes the right signal, it will disarm the immobilizer. There are even keys that keep changing code periodically to enhance security. So apart from cutting the keys to fit the ignition, we also have to reprogram the transponder keys. Our technician possesses complete knowledge about the know-how of all types of keys and can make any key with perfection in no time.

Get quality car keys made in a short span and at cost-effective prices! Call Poets Square AZ Locksmith Store today!